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The world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually, with at least 33 percent of that—extremely conservatively—not managed in an environmentally safe manner. Worldwide, waste generated per person per day averages 0.74 kilogram but ranges widely, from 0.11 to 4.54 kilograms. Though they only account for 16 percent of the world’s population, high-income countries generate about 34 percent, or 683 million tonnes, of the world’s waste.

When looking forward, global waste is expected to grow to 3.40 billion tonnes by 2050, more than double population growth over the same period. Overall, there is a positive correlation between waste generation and income level. Daily per capita waste generation in high-income countries is projected to increase by 19 percent by 2050, compared to low- and middle-income countries where it is expected to increase by approximately 40% or more. Waste generation initially decreases at the lowest income levels and then increases at a faster rate for incremental income changes at low income levels than at high income levels. The total quantity of waste generated in low-income countries is expected to increase by more than three times by 2050. The East Asia and Pacific region is generating most of the world’s waste, at 23 percent, and the Middle East and North Africa region is producing the least in absolute terms, at 6 percent. However, the fastest growing regions are Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East and North Africa, where, by 2050, total waste generation is expected to more than triple, double, and double respectively. In these regions, more than half of waste is currently openly dumped, and the trajectories of waste growth will have vast implications for the environment, health, and prosperity, thus requiring urgent action.

Projected waste generation, by region (millions of tonnes/year)

Projected waste generation, by region (millions of tonnes/year)
Waste collection is a critical step in managing waste, yet rates vary largely by income levels, with upper-middle- and high-income countries providing nearly universal waste collection. Low-income countries collect about 48 percent of waste in cities, but this proportion drops drastically to 26 percent outside of urban areas. Across regions, Sub-Saharan Africa collects about 44 percent of waste while Europe and Central Asia and North America collect at least 90 percent of waste.

Waste collection rates, by income level (percent)

Waste collection rates, by income level (percent)
Waste composition differs across income levels, reflecting varied patterns of consumption. High-income countries generate relatively less food and green waste, at 32 percent of total waste, and generate more dry waste that could be recycled, including plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, and glass, which account for 51 percent of waste. Middle- and low-income countries generate 53 percent and 57 percent food and green waste, respectively, with the fraction of organic waste increasing as economic development levels decrease. In low-income countries, materials that could be recycled account for only 20 percent of the waste stream. Across regions, there is not much variety within waste streams beyond those aligned with income. All regions generate about 50 percent or more organic waste, on average, except for Europe and Central Asia and North America, [ANCHOR_COMES_HERE] – – which generate higher portions of dry waste.

Global waste composition (percent)

Global waste composition (percent)
It is a frequent misconception that technology is the solution to the problem of unmanaged and increasing waste. Technology is not a panacea and is usually only one factor to consider when managing solid waste. Countries that advance from open dumping and other rudimentary waste management methods are more likely to succeed when they select locally appropriate solutions. Globally, most waste is currently dumped or disposed of in some form of a landfill. Some 37 percent of waste is disposed of in some form of a landfill, 8 percent of which is disposed of in sanitary landfills with landfill gas collection systems. Open dumping accounts for about 31 percent of waste, 19 percent is recovered through recycling and composting, and 11 percent is incinerated for final disposal. Adequate waste disposal or treatment, such as controlled landfills or more stringently operated facilities, is almost exclusively the domain of high- and upper-middle-income countries. Lower-income countries generally rely on open dumping; 93 percent of waste is dumped in low-income countries and only 2 percent in high-income countries. Three regions openly dump more than half of their waste—the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia. Upper-middle-income countries have the highest percentage of waste in landfills, at 54 percent. This rate decreases in high-income countries to 39 percent, with diversion of 36 percent of waste to recycling and composting and 22 percent to incineration. Incineration is used primarily in high-capacity, high-income, and land-constrained countries.

Global treatment and disposal of waste (percent)

Global treatment and disposal of waste (percent)
Based on the volume of waste generated, its composition, and how it is managed, it is estimated that 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent greenhouse gas emissions were generated from solid waste treatment and disposal in 2016, or 5 percent of global emissions. This is driven primarily by disposing of waste in open dumps and landfills without landfill gas collection systems. Food waste accounts for nearly 50% of emissions. Solid waste–related emissions are anticipated to increase to 2.38 billion tonnes of CO2-equivalent per year by 2050 if no improvements are made in the sector.

In most countries, solid waste management operations are typically a local responsibility, and nearly 70 percent of countries have established institutions with responsibility for policy development and regulatory oversight in the waste sector. About two-thirds of countries have created targeted legislation and regulations for solid waste management, though enforcement varies drastically. Direct central government involvement in waste service provision, other than regulatory oversight or fiscal transfers, is uncommon, with about 70 percent of waste services being overseen directly by local public entities. At least half of services, from primary waste collection through treatment and disposal, are operated by public entities and about one-third involve a public-private partnership. However, successful partnerships with the private sector for financing and operations tend to succeed only under certain conditions with appropriate incentive structures and enforcement mechanisms, and therefore they are not always the ideal solution.

Financing solid waste management systems is a significant challenge, even more so for ongoing operational costs than for capital investments, and operational costs need to be taken into account upfront. In high-income countries, operating costs for integrated waste management, including col-lection, transport, treatment, and disposal, generally exceed $100 per tonne. Lower-income countries spend less on waste operations in absolute terms, with costs of about $35 per tonne and sometimes higher, but these countries experience much more difficulty in recovering costs. Waste management is labor intensive and costs of transportation alone are in the range of $20–$50 per tonne. Cost recovery for waste services differs drastically across income levels. User fees range from an average of $35 per year in low-income countries to $170 per year in high-income countries, with full or nearly full cost recovery being largely limited to high-income countries. User fee models may be fixed or variable based on the type of user being billed. Typically, local governments cover about 50 percent of investment costs for waste systems, and the remainder comes mainly from national government subsidies and the private sector.

MANAGEMENT: This Is What Professionals Do

The modern business environment is very volatile and complex therefore demanding more attention and dedication from entrepreneurs and business executives. If business individuals lack the necessary management skills then their business efforts are most likely to fail because businesses demand that managers make the right decisions in order for them to survive in time of emergency and even in the normal course of business (Baruch, 2004, 114).

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The Next Generation Management module is a module that will enable those interested in management to understand how to manage not only their own business ventures and organizations and also impart sense of social responsibility through attending various lecture, workshops, seminars, and conferences around Dublin. Contemporary management of organizations is not simple and therefore this is why this module will concentrate ensuring that attendees gain skills on:

Personal and Career Development: Competence assessment, planning and development, which is important in ensuring that managers have the ability to attain skills that will assist them to have the necessary skills in both the short run and long run such skills include better decision making capability, better leadership ability, and in turn managers will be able to base their decisions on logic through critical thinking.

Furthermore managers who undergo personal development programs are able to portray self confidence communicate better and even end up being creative due to the flexible approach that they have to tackling organizational issues.

The Next Generation module will also help managers gain ability to appreciate the need of operating with a Global and a societal approach by attending lecturers from renown Nobel Laureate, Dr Chu the discussion made clear that the physical environment was part and parcel of the business environment and therefore needed to be taken care of because if it disintegrates that the economy and human economic activities will also fail.

Additionally, discussions from this part of the model enable students of management appreciate the role of creativity and innovation together with the important role which both agriculture, ethics and Greenpeace plays in the environment.

Research is a crucial part of Next Generation management module because research is able to assist managers gain the right information that will guide their decision making and logical thinking process. Discussions unveiled on the importance of carrying out systematic research and avoiding plagiarism because plagiarism can often affect the outcome of a research and compromise its quality.

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Research is an important part of today’s business environment and therefore it is important to gather and analyze data properly so that the information obtained can be considered useful and assist in decision making( Kourdi 2009, 114). The discussions on research did shed light on Digital media and communication which has become an integral part of organizational and inter-organizational communication.

Managers are therefore required to embrace the emerging communication trends that individuals in the business world are adopting today because they can determine whether an organization performs better or even fails. The acquisition of the right skill set and through continuous learning is crucial for those who intend to become good managers since it helps them realize and even surpass their potential.

With more high-tech devices, mobile technology and software it is necessary for managers to attend various seminars and tutorials and implement continuous learning techniques that will allow them to embrace the latest communication and software trends for the benefit of their organization especially when dealing with consumers (Solomon & Askegaard, 2002, p.44)

Overall Reflection
Managers in any functional area of an organization are expected to run organizations on behalf of the shareholders and produce the expected results it is therefore necessary that managers gather the necessary knowledge from various avenues in order for them to get the necessary skills to help them carry out their functions more successfully and efficiently.

The Next Generation Management gives managers the opportunity by which they can learn more and become better managers through attending a series lecture, workshops, seminars, mini-conferences that aim to encourage, the need to sustain personal development, social responsibility, research skills and communication skills which are an essential part of today’s organizations (Trott 2008, 78).

This module is therefore very important not only for businesses, organizations and managers as individuals but also can be influential in the country’s economy, which aims to increase the output of individuals who are directly linked to the economy of the country.

The economy and the business environment are subject to highly complex variables and all managers including marketing managers should be ready to solve business problems as they present themselves.

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It is therefore necessary for entrepreneurs and leaders to have the necessary management skills so that complex business situations can be solved and situations which often present themselves as problems can be turned into opportunities (Kourdi 2009, 4). By applying leadership skills organizational managers can come across as more effective and make better decisions because their analytical and logical skills can be easily improved as a result of attending discussions of this model.

This module furthermore insists on the importance and priority that should be attached to creativity and innovation at both the individual and society level. Many individuals who haven’t been exposed to teachings of this model may be tempted to ignore the importance of innovation in today’s society.

The Next Generation Management gives the learner the opportunity to expand their mindset to look at the business and economy as part of the globe and the entire global society and therefore initiate solutions that are not only solutions to the problems of the county of Ireland but are also a solution for the entire globe.

When managers operate with global approach they are most likely to make decisions that are more ethical and moral. Today’s business environment is full of scandals and irresponsibility and thus managers are required to put their foot down and make decisions that not only correlate to their interests but also to the interests of the community.

This module enables managers weigh benefits accrued in the short run and compare them to benefits that will be accrued in the long run and factor them in their decision making in order to increase positive outcome. Managers need to discover that business success doesn’t come easy and if they desire to be successful they are required to become very creative and innovative.

Creativity is becoming the backbone of the world’s greatest organizations and the largest economies. Managers are therefore required not only to use their abilities but also gather the views of various subordinates and together work towards developing creative approaches of doing business and reinventing the economy.

The Next Generation module also enabled us understand the importance of taking care of the environment and ensuring that the country remains agriculturally stable in order to ensure that the future of Ireland is secured because food stability is important to the economy of any country.

The destruction of the environment will therefore have a negative toll on the business environment and thus managers should not remain ignorant or arrogant to the environment hence they should struggle to maintain the environment one on one or through environmental organizations such as Greenspan.

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This module provided a platform which made it clear that research should take center stage in improving not only the economy but also businesses. Managers are supposed to carry out research more frequently and vigorously and information gathered from research should be clearly analyzed using packages such as SPSS can be used to assist in the process of decision making.

Managers usually require a lot of facts so that their ability to make carry out analysis and solve problems can be made easier. There are many dangers of plagiarizing work and therefore it is necessary for managers to carry out independent qualitative and quantitative research so that their research can unveil new findings that can help them and their organization carry out innovative changes.

It is thus necessary to use all research tools in order to ensure that the findings of research can turn out to be very useful even when presented to other peers and those who the information as useful. The Next Generation Management gave us the opportunity to appreciate the development in media and communication techniques that are used in today’s commercial environment.

Technological environment have led to many inventions which managers can use to carry out their functions more easily and companies can even collect data from their consumers more easily through socials sites and mobile applications and use this in shaping organizational strategy. Marketing managers for example, can improve on organizational marketing strategy and even increase organizational revenue streams by embracing the role played by technology in the media (Trott, 2008, 103-113).

The introduction of the internet in the business environment is very important to the managers since the managers can use internet search engines to maximize business opportunities for themselves and their organizations, and it is therefore necessary for managers to take technology serious because it is a key success ingredient in today’s business environment.

Enterprise Resource planning is an important part of today’s organizations because it assists organizations to minimize losses and wastage of resources and therefore organizations should also adopt technologies that will allow them to plan on how to optimize the use of their resources.

In conclusion the Next Generation Management module has opened my eyes to the world of strategic management practices, making it clear that success of today’s commercial enterprises depends on how well managers are able to make financial, marketing, human resource and other organizational decisions by adopting innovative techniques.

Personal & Career Development
Good management is necessary for the continued existence and success of commercial organizations; this is because commercial organization and even non commercial organizations usually find themselves in ambiguous situations that require managers to use their skills and talents to direct the organization out of dilemmas.

For managers to successfully plan, staff, control, organize and direct the organization it is necessary that these managers obtain the necessary set of skills that will proof usefully in ensuring that the day to day and long run operations of the organization are carried out smoothly.

Organizations are driven by strategic goals which are enshrined in the mission and vision of the company and it is therefore important to ensure that organizational staff and especially management have their talents and skills fully developed to competently deal with ambiguous situations (Baruch 2004, 44).

While an organizations mission is mostly a vehicle of taking the organization into the future it mainly operates with a short term day to day operation and the vision is usually long-term managers are therefore need to have their personal skills developed for them to make the necessary career decisions effectively.

Most of these skills were developed in a series of seminars and workshops that required managers to go out on their own talk. For example Deloitte conference, assess the value of an idea, CV writing workshop, Bobby Kerr-motivation, coaching speech, Paddy Power – motivation, coaching speech, Attendance of Chinese classes- for personal development, Be involved in tutoring of IT for elderly people, and Improving Yourself-esteem – seminar/workshop.

It is hence clear that managers require their organizations to put in place training and development schedules that will assist their managers require the necessary long-term and short-term skills to effectively carry out their organization responsibilities in today’s turbulent business environment. The following are the most important skills that those who were part of the management module were required to acquire.

The Next Generation Management module required that managers attend lectures, workshops, seminars, mini-conferences and individual development of personal development plan speeches Dublin. The following are some of the necessary shorter skills that managers were able to develop during this Next Generation Management module which were scheduled to take place in a timeframe of 12 months:

Self confidence
Managers are required to operate with a high level of confidence this is because other subordinates look up to them. Hence, if managers do not portray self confidence then subordinates may be forced to doubt his leadership and decision making abilities and this is will therefore affect the organization (Baruch, 2004, 32).

Managers are therefore required to dress, talk and even carry themselves in such a way that portrays that they are highly confident. Managers are required to have a positive image and positive thoughts of hope and possibility and transfer this to subordinates ands clients while interacting in the normal course of business.

Communication is a key part of business and is therefore vital that managers use communication techniques that will ensure all stakeholders are informed in the right time and the right information is given to them. Managers are therefore required to develop skills that will allow them to pass messages with the right tone, mimics, gestures and pronunciation (Corfield 2009, 5).

Managers are also required to have the appropriate presentation skills that will enable the managers carry out oral presentations with high effectiveness not only in official meetings but also social events.

The business environment is volatile and ever changing and it is therefore necessary that managers have the necessary skills that will allow them to be highly flexible especially when organizational changes take place.

Managers are therefore required to be highly radical and use environmental scanning techniques and create the necessary support systems that will enable the organization embrace change. Dynamic managers are more likely to create organizations that smoothly embrace strategic change that is necessary for better performance of the organization.

Creativity/Innovative thinking
It is often the task of managers to make sure that fresh ideas are consistently developed in commercial organizations. A dynamic environment requires new ideas frequently and thus managers are required to be trained to tap into their imagination in order to develop new ideas (Trott, 2008, p.7). Managers are thus encouraged to continuously research read and even attend seminars that will develop their innovative skills.

Self Management
Manager are required to have the necessary skills to prioritize and efficiently allocate resources where they are needed and therefore they need to develop their self management skills. Managers are required to plan in advance and schedule activities within a timeframe and see to it that these events occur as planned.

The Next Generation Management module which was scheduled took place in a timeframe of 12 months also ensured that manager’s personal and career development assisted manager’s gain the following skills.

Managers are supposed to be leaders and be able to influence the behavior of individuals and inspire them to follow the strategic goals of an organization in order to achieve the mission and vision. Managers with up to date leadership skills are able to set goals prioritize and also operate with well defined action plans.

Leaders set an image for the organization and trend for subordinates by ensuring that they have a positive attitude, properly research and have the knowledge and assist subordinates to grasp the fact and process, and this was the aim of the Next Generation Management module.

Managers are required to have the ability to bring subordinates’ together and build relationships through cooperation and mutual respect for the benefit of the organization (Whetton & Camerson 2007, 88). Managers are able to do this by constantly attending seminars, tutorials and social events in order to gain team building skills.

Decision making
Managers are often required to make quick decisions when need arises and hence it in good that managers have the ability to analyze situations with wisdom and make acceptable justifiable solutions that are backed by fact and reason (Beeson 2009, 54). Managers build such capacity through tutorials, seminars and focus on continuous research.

Analytical and Problem solving techniques
Manages are required to use logic and reason in order to ensure that they can effectively resolve difficult matters that are problematic. It is thus very important that managers develop the right potential to handle problematic situations and emerge out of them by using logic and facts to solve problems (Whetton & Camerson, 2007, p.18). Managers are able to acquire this skill through continuous learning and research, concentration and also by attending the right seminars and tutorials.

Global and Societal Awareness
Nobel Laureate Lecture
The Next Generation Management module demanded that we attend seminars and tutorials to assist us as students of contemporary management to get an in-depth experience of why it is necessary for manager’s, businessmen and entrepreneurs to have societal awareness while carrying out their duties.

In one of our lectures at a seminar, the Nobel Laureate Dr Chu and other numerous speakers made it clear that it is important for students of business to know that business activities are usually accompanied by physical impact, because business activities usually depend a lot on the environment for most of its activities to be successful.

Dr Chu made it clear that the operations of businesses and commercial enterprises normally cause climate and environmental changes. He furthermore made it clear that the issue of energy has caused big debate and it is now the high time that researchers encourage industries to use renewable energy sources and re-evaluate energy policies so as to save the planet from further depletion.

The speaker insisted that the downturn and destruction of the environment would most likely lead to the demise of the economy and it is thus necessary to nature the environment and replenish it using technologies that will transform the environment in order for human economic activities to take place.

University of Enterprise: Delivering Ireland’s Next Class of Successful Entrepreneurs.
The future of the economy and of the corporate world definitely depends on how well today’s young entrepreneurs are natured and brought up in order for them to become the best business elite in the future. Modern entrepreneurs are therefore required to be shaped in order for them to become highly dynamic and environmentally conscious.

If the upcoming entrepreneurs are arrogant and ignore the important role the environment plays making their ventures a success then there will be faced with an economic downturn thus entrepreneurs should operate with practices which do not pollute or degrade the environment.

It is thus necessary to prepare entrepreneurs so that they can acquire the necessary knowledge and also have the ability to apply it in the real world (Trott, 2008, p.33). Lectures at the workshop also made it clear those entrepreneurs who continuously learn and take education serious are more likely succeed.

The Long Debate (Inventorium)
This discussion made it clear Creativity and imagination is a key cornerstone of today’s turbulent business environment laying emphasis that the greatest organizations are continuously searching for new creative avenues of doing business and therefore this is why they excel as compared to their counterparts (Trott, 2008, p.16).

The lecturers made it clear that an economy which considers itself as superior and smart must continuously apply more effort towards ensuring that their greatest minds are always working on the next big thing. Ireland is a country of vision and thus has put its best minds towards bringing innovative practices into the country’s economy.

Additionally it is also important for the entire society to create mechanisms for sustaining development but at the same time self-development should not be ignored because it is important to the success of entrepreneurs and organizations. The speaker insisted that if one is expected to be outstanding, it is a must that he/she operates with a mentality that will give his or her venture the stability to be highly creative so that he can use novellus ideas to outshine other competitors.

Climate Change and agriculture
The discussion centered on the importance of agriculture on the economy keeping in mind that one of the most important elements of an economy is the ability of a country to have enough food to feeds it citizens in order for it to move towards industrialization. The current global economy is growing at a faster pace and the environment is becoming depleted due to the careless nature of corporations therefore threatening agricultural activities.

The discussion also revealed that the effects of pollution and deforestation are having a negative effect on the temperatures, rainfall and the quality of the soil therefore having a negative impact on agriculture. If the current trend continues together with effects of population explosion then it is more likely that the global economy and entrepreneurial efforts will also be affected and therefore innovative methods like green houses must be introduced in order to increase food production.

Personal Ethics
The discussion made it clear that ethics provide a basis by which individuals are able to determine what is right or wrong. Ethics are governed by moral values and what may be morally ethical in Ireland may not be necessarily ethical in any other part of the world.

The discussion further revealed that what is lawful is not necessarily ethical and that individuals are normally torn between loyalty and the truth or even sometimes on maters to do with personal interest verses community interest therefore affecting their decisions. It is therefore true to conclude ethics is strictly personal and thus individuals must evaluate the possible consequences of their actions/decisions and if the results are have more harm that good to the society abandon them.

The business environment is for example involved with decisions that aim to increase benefit of the organization but it is necessary that managers and entrepreneurs apply ethical principles while making business decisions. Managers and entrepreneurs’ should apply wisdom and not only look at a short-term view but also take a long-term approach while making business decisions.

This discussion was based around the numerous numbers of non governmental organizations that have dedicated their efforts towards restoring the sanctity of the environment that has come about as the result of human activity. The discussion revealed that Greenpeace is a non governmental organization that funds its activities using donations, the organization aims to restore flora and fauna and make earth a better place by reducing environment destruction.

Entrepreneurs and business executives are aware of the toll that their business activities have on the environment and therefore it is important for them to use their corporate social responsibility arm by donating and funding activities of such bodies with the aim of having the environment restored.

The advantage of having such organizations around is that these organizations promote responsible behavior by adjusting the attitudes of human beings who are responsible of exploiting natural resources. The organization has hence achieved a lot through its operations which spread in over 40 countries in the world, making it a very important part of the global society.

Research skills are important for today’s managers, the business environment is highly volatile and organizations are faced with problems and thereby managers and employees need to have the ability to carry out research in order to assist management to make important decisions based on factual findings (McGivern, 2006, p123).

It is thus necessary for individuals to adhere to ethics and ensure that any research that they carry out is not plagiarized. Every research is unique in its own way and it is hence necessary to carry out research diligently and base the findings and recommendations based on the findings of the research (Hogan, Dolan, & Donnellly, 2009, p.16).

Discussions in the Next Generation Management module made it clear that if a researcher carries out research and for what ever reasons decides to replicate findings by borrowing from the works of another researcher it will be necessary that the researcher acknowledge all sources where he/she borrowed from.

Plagiarism is not only illegal but it can also be misleading in some instances and thereby compromise any strategic decisions that managers make especially in commercial organizations. It is therefore necessary for researchers to be highly disciplined and carry out their literature review properly by consulting and acknowledging the various sources of their information.

Once researcher has gathered the necessary data it then becomes their responsibility to interpret and arrange the data in such a way that it will serve the main objective of their research. The researcher must find the most suitable way to analyze their data so that it can make sense to the audience which it was intended for (Kourdi, 2009, p.38).

Many researchers conduct their research so that they can provide useful information that can be used by not only other peers but also by those in the business environment in order to assist managers in their decision making process. This is therefore the main reason which always drives researchers to carry out research in order to have them published and reviewed by their peers.

When a particular writer’s research is highly appreciated and commended by peers then a researcher feels a sense of pride and therefore will continue to expound on his research by carrying out other works. Strategic decisions especially branding and product decisions made by marketing managers are not guess work but rather they are based on academic foundations that are normally obtained from various peer reviews and published sources.

If this published work and peer reviews were absent then it would make it hard to know which research findings were more correct and therefore justifiable, this fact would make it quite hard for business managers to carry out decision making because they would simply doubt the facts that were presented in front of them. Peer review enables various researches which are published undergo vigorous scrutiny and therefore ascertain the validity of their contributing to the various disciplines they claim to have authority over.

SPSS is a software package that enables individuals carrying out research quantify their findings and make the most suitable conclusions hence, making useful information out of the data (Burrell, and Morgan, 1979, p.13) The discussion of the Next Generation Management module made it clear that this software is very important in the field of social sciences.

When researchers want to carry out social researches and even analyze demographic data this package becomes a very important part of their research due to its ability to accept quantitative data and summarize it in the form of graphs, pie charts and even pictographs (McGivern, 2006, p 43).

Marketing activities of such organizations usually require a lot of research that requires demographic analysis and thus manager’s end up using this package to make the necessary deductions that are crucial in formulating marketing strategy (Burrell, & Morgan,1979, p.98).

It thus becomes clear that in the absence of this package then managers would be subjected to a more tiresome ways of analyzing data that is collected using questionnaires. It is thus necessary for managers who intend to become good researchers to quickly learn and frequently use this package in order to have more factual information that is good for decision making within the organization.

The Next Generation Module discussion also made it clear that the research process can only be successful if the right techniques are used by managers to construct the moist appropriate questionnaires. Faulty questionnaires will most likely compromise the entire research process and it is therefore important for a manager/researcher to clearly define the purpose of his research and thus generate questionnaire questions that are specific and appropriate for the research at hand (Burns & Burns, 2008,p.63-67).

If the questionnaire is compromised then the findings will most likely also be compromised and such events will in turn the decisions which managers make in the long run. Dublin buss is able to accurately construct its questionnaires in order to gather satisfaction data from its customers and use this information to justify any strategic changes (Solomon & Askegaard, 2002, p.17).

Digital Skills, Media & Communication
The need for individuals within the business community and the economy to communicate is very important and plays a big role in determining the success or failure of the organizations which they run, it thus has become very necessary that individuals within the business industry to dedicate resources and adopt the use of web technologies such as CSS3 & HTML5 in order to maximize the potential of their business ventures.

Web technologies are thus very essential because they enable companies and organizations develop websites that are a very important part of communication and business considering the web is sometimes necessary for financial transactions and exchange of goods and services to occur (Hoffman & Novak, 2000).

Managers within functional areas of I.T and marketing should make sure that the individuals who are responsible for using web technologies have the necessary programming skills that enable them program and develop websites efficiently by getting rid of redundant coding technologies.

The Discussion by Mike Schroepfer, Facebook VP of engineering, enabled the participants understand that computer science developments play a very big role towards defining the level of innovation among many industries and especially businesses.

Computer science enables managers develop the necessary innovations that are necessary in project management and also plays a big role towards ensuring that people around the world are connected to each other therefore enabling a lot of opportunities to be realized (Payne & Peck, 2003, p.87).

Business managers and marketers especially should ensure while using such technologies that the parameters are customized in such a way that the end consumers find it suitable for their use. As much as individuals usually resist change, it is the duty of managers to work hand in hand with the society to help them embrace change that will result to more positive outcome.

As much as consumers and majority of businesses are embracing the digital age that has most of its activities going on over the internet, managers are thus expected to have the necessary minimum skills that will enable them embrace the digital world that has become inseparable for businesses ( Kourdi, 2009. P.188-190). Majority of business activities and especially marketing activities have forced marketing managers to formulate digital strategies that will enable them carry their business activities on the net.

Web 2.0 technologies has taken the concept of social marketing to another height thereby pushing a lot of consumer traffic to the net and therefore companies are even distributing, promoting and marketing their products using viral marketing techniques. Blogging sites have now become a part of the social revolution on the internet thus demanding managers to develop strategies that will enable their products and brands gain good images and ratings in the social media of the internet.

A while back, mobile phones were just used for communication by marketers and managers, thanks to the numerous mobile phone applications that run on smartphones such as IPhone and Android enabled hand sets consumers have a direct link to the worldwide web and business products just on the click of a button.

With these facts unveiled managers are supposed to get rid of mobile any obstacles that hinder the enhancement of doing business between organizations by developing programs and applications that will make it easy and more convenient for consumers to conduct business with their mobiles. Numerous businesses around the world are increasing their business potential and realizing many revenue streams as a result of embracing and integrating the use of mobile applications into their business models.

Search optimization technology is very important as far as using web applications is concerned and a company’s website may simply have low traffic and low transactions if the wrong approach was used by developers and I.T specialists in order to set up a website (Windham, 2001, p.145).

Website developers thus have no option but to work hand in hand with all functional managers in order to ensure that the right key words are used while developing websites so that when consumers/clientele go online their websites are more likely to have more chances of being accessed by consumers who wish to purchase products or access company information.

I.T department plays a very big role in ensuring that organizations communicate with the entire world and it is therefore up to them to adopt the latest technologies such as cloud computing technology in order to take their organizations into the next level and make it more easier for customers to use the web to interact with the organization (Hoffman & Novak, 2000).

If organizations fail to use technology to store appropriate consumers data and manage organizational resources then it will become hard for this organizations to maximize their business opportunities. As technologies become obsolete and as new technologies become more usable the I.T experts are required to ensure that the transition between technologies is smooth and doesn’t affect the organization negatively.

Software used within organizations is used in order to help organizations manage resources and run operations with a high degree of efficiency. Many organizations are adopting the use of Enterprise Resource Planning Technology with the aim that the software will assist the organization through its managers prevent the wastage of resource through optimizing the use of resources within the organization.

The introduction of such software enables organization plan its sales and revenue streams at a high and also reduce any unnecessary cost thereby saving organizations from unnecessary loses.

The role of software in business cannot be ignored and if the level of software innovation within Ireland decreases, so will the performance of organization and the economy.

It is thus necessary for stakeholders to invest in the future of the Irish software industry and ensure that innovation is sustained because if they fail to do this then the growth of the Irish economy and other related industries will also be compromised.

The development of new software is vital towards sustain sales and competitive intelligence of many industries and thus continuous and consistent research should be carried out in order to make sure the Irish software industry stays ahead within the markets needs.

5 Venue Factors to Consider When Planning an Event

Event planning is a big responsibility, and selecting the right venue is something you want to get right. Finding an event venue is sure to be one of the first things on your to-do list best-romantic-vacations, and you should take the task seriously.

When you’re in charge of choosing an event space, there are several things to consider. While doing your search you will want to make sure it’s a venue that attendees will appreciate for its look, feel and functionality.

If all goes well, they’ll be too busy enjoying themselves to think about what went on behind the scenes. Of course, when guests arrive it’s always better that they don’t start wondering who’s to blame, but instead, who to thank for a job well done.

Before we get to visualizing your eventual success, let’s back up and discuss how to go about choosing a venue first.

Let your Budget be your Guide

Is the event venue within your budget
When choosing your event venue, the amount emovereasy of money you can spend will immediately set some parameters. Make sure your budget includes the cost of everything from catering to centerpieces to prizes you might want to have for a raffle. Run through your list of must-haves several times before starting to scope out available venues.

Before you begin calling to inquire about pricing options, you will need to know how many guests you expect to attend (which may be different than the number you invite), the food and drinks you wish to offer, and spaces you may require for something like a prep or break out room. Keep in mind that many venues handle catering as part of the service, or can work with you to address your specific needs.

Find the Right Venue & Vibe to Fit your Event

During the event planning process, you will want to consider how the space will work with the expected number of attendees unarespuesta. Depending on the type of event it is (whether it’s a party or a work meeting), you should choose the kind of venue that will lend itself to the purpose of the gathering. If you want people to get down and boogie, a big empty space with room to move may seem like a good plan, but folks don’t always want to be the first one on the dance floor looking all lonely.

It’s best to consider how the size or capacity of a venue actually impacts the events that transpire. Choosing a venue will often be as much about the kind of vibe it gives off as it is about the practicality.

An event space that’s like a warehouse will work great for some special events, when you need to wow attendees with large installations or wish to have an industrial feel. Other times you might want to provide guests with a setting that’s warmer or more intimate.

Some event spaces, like Mack Sennett Studios, may even have both types of areas available. You could potentially airportshuttleservices rent out the entirety of Stage 1 and the adjoining Woodshop for an industry after-party, or set up your soiree at Mabel’s, the hideaway lounge that feels like a modern-day speakeasy.

Mabel’s at Mack Sennett Studios is an intimate event venue

The Bells and Whistles that Make an Event Venue Work

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a venue is internet connectivity as well as all the other technical aspects that will help your event run smoothly. You don’t want your event to be in a dead zone when it comes to wifi.

A good internet connection impacts the actual connections your attendees will have with each other and the brand or business that’s the focus of your event. You need to make sure that attendees can access the internet and use devices to engage right at the time of the event if that is part of your social media strategy.

Even if you know that’s not an important part of your event, some of your guests may think differently. Use your best judgment when scoping out an event venue, just in case.

Beyond connectivity, there are other technical prepaidify elements and factors to consider when selecting a venue. Does the event space allow you to make special requests regarding lighting and acoustics?

Can mics and speakers be set up beforehand? You can ask the venue if they have support staff to help with these things during the event, or if they can provide sufficient instruction before the day of the event.

You might want to consider other tech options like a green screen for interactive photoshoots that feature a product you’re promoting, or putting party guests into a scene from their favorite film. If you plan ahead there are a lot of ideas that may take the event to another level.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

One of the more important factors to consider when choosing an event venue is the food situation. Guests are bound to ask, where’s the beef? Or if you’re in L.A., where’s the gluten-free kale quiche? You’ll need to know all the food-related facts about each venue you call before you choose the best one for your event.

If the event venue sets a minimum food and beverage amount you need to spend (aka the F&B minimum), make sure you’ll be able to meet it. If you provide details about the size of the crowd, most venues can fulfill your needs and help cost it out.

An event venue and event manager may allow you to bring in your own food, or have restaurants they work ibloginside with regularly. It’s a good idea to get a list and use one of the venue’s recommended catering companies since they are already familiar with parking, layout, kitchen equipment, and other venue details.

what services would the event venue provide as far as catering
In other words, you should find out as much information about these services ahead of time so your event can run smoothly and have satisfied and satiated guests.

A Venue’s Location Matters a Lot

When you’re looking for a gre,at event venue, you’ll no doubt need to find a location that’s convenient or well worth the trip. If your guests would likely take public transportation, is this option available and safe?

Is there a parking lot or street parking? Will an Uber find its way without any issues? Plan ahead if you foresee complications, or just avoid a hard-to-find event venue in the first place.


Amazing Things That Happen to Your Body When You Eat Bananas

What if we told you there was a revolutionary new gadget that could help you lose weight, decrease bloat, prevent cancer, and boost your energy for as little as 19 cents a pop? Plus, each one comes with a complimentary carrying bag, so you can take it with you everywhere you go! We’re what you’d call bananas. And we believe you are correct.
The humble fruit—technically a berry!—is likely the least-heralded supermarket staple, a superfood associated with kids, monkeys, and slapstick humour rather than steel-cut abs. But its benefits have been proven, and to find out just how beneficial bananas may be, we consulted a team of specialists to see what happens to your body when you eat one banana. (Tip: The more ripe the banana, the more nutrients it contains!

Bananas help to build lean muscle.

If you’ve ever felt that your muscles were aching after a workout—or that they weren’t growing fast enough—you may not be receiving enough magnesium in your diet. Bananas, which are high in magnesium, can aid muscle contraction and relaxation as well as protein synthesis, resulting in increased lean muscle mass. Magnesium also aids lipolysis, which is the process by which your body sheds fat from its storage. Make banana tea for a fun way to get your magnesium. Simply boil some water, then cut both ends of a banana (while still in its peel) and cook for 7-10 minutes. After that, drain and drink before going to bed.

Bananas help your muscles recover faster.

Bananas are well-known for their high potassium content. Potassium is an electrolyte that helps your muscles recover after a workout, strengthens their development, and allows you to exercise more.

Bananas support a good mood.

According to the National Institutes of Health, bananas provide 6% of your daily requirement of vitamin B9 (commonly known as folate), a substance that may help battle depression by enhancing a substrate that has antidepressant qualities. In other words, it aids the speedier entry of serotonin, the feel-good chemical, into the brain. According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, patients with depression have 25 percent lower blood folate levels than healthy people. If you’re on antidepressants, some doctors recommend boosting your folate intake to help them work better.

And may lower feelings of anxiety and stress.

Bananas also contain tryptophan, which is “a precursor for serotonin,” according to Cassie Bjork, RD, LD of Healthy Simple Life. “Serotonin may be the most important brain chemical because it is a natural anti-depressant and can treat anxiety and insomnia, as well as other mood issues like fatigue, irritability, agitation, anger, and aggression.” Bananas also contain norepinephrine, which helps to reduce stress by regulating our “fight or flight response.” She goes on to say, “They’re an ideal, natural, real-food way to encourage pleasant moods and help prevent depression.” “Thank goodness we don’t require a prescription!” (Mash one into detox water and drink your way to serenity.)

Eat a banana before bed and you may sleep better.

According to Bjork, this is also due to the tryptophan. “It’s a precursor for melatonin, which aids sleep regulation and promotes calm.” Before going to bed, peel one.

Bananas may help regulate blood pressure levels.

“A low-sodium, high-potassium diet is related with the lowest blood pressure levels and the lowest frequency of stroke in people and communities,” according to the FDA. So, what’s this? Bananas are high in potassium and low in sodium, and the FDA has declared them to be effective in lowering blood pressure and preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Bananas can help you look less bloated.

Even the most toned six-packer will look like they just downed a six-pack of Coors due to belly bloat. Bananas might help you get rid of gas and water retention. In a recent study, ladies who ate a banana twice daily as a pre-meal snack for 60 days had a 50% reduction in belly bloat! Why? The fruit boosts bloat-fighting bacteria in the stomach and is a well-known source of potassium, which can help reduce fluid retention. (Sign up for our newsletter to receive daily recipes and food news in your inbox if you’re seeking for more helpful hints!)

And you’ll feel fuller.

Bananas are high in resistant starch before they ripen, which, as the name implies, resists digestion. This helps to nourish good gut flora, which reduces appetite and promotes fat oxidation. In fact, one study discovered that substituting just 5% of the day’s carbohydrates with resistant starch can increase post-meal fat burn by up to 30%! Because underripe bananas are bitter, we recommend blending them with other fruits and vegetables in weight-loss smoothies to hide the flavour.

Bananas may reduce bad cholesterol levels.

If you’ve lately eaten at Burger King or another fast-food chain, you’ve probably consumed trans fats, which elevate your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. Grab a banana before reaching for the Lipitor. According to a research published in The Journal of Nutrition, they contain phytosterols, which are chemicals that reduce LDL cholesterol. “Bananas contain Vitamin B6,” Bjork adds, “which is vital for practically everything—heart health, immunological health, digestive health, and nervous system function.”

You’ll support a healthier digestive system.

Do you ever get the feeling that something isn’t quite right after you eat? Or do you find yourself blaming your misfortune on the dog? Bananas can aid in the digestion of indigestion. Because they include fructooligosaccharides, a cluster of fructose molecules that leads to better gastrointestinal health, they’re an excellent source of prebiotics, non digestible carbohydrates that act as food for good gut bacteria (probiotics) and improve digestion.


7 Effective Tips for Better Medication Adherence

Following a sickness, a visit to your PCP, and getting a remedy are adequately not to treat it. You really want to take as much time as is needed, and that is where numerous patients waver. Ladies are bound to miss staying aware of their solution, over-the-counter, drugs and different enhancements. Unbalanced familial obligations, pay hole, and contrasts in friendly jobs are a couple of motivations behind why ladies are more non-disciple contrasted with men. In any case, sit back and relax! The following are a couple of attempted and tried strategies for you to score high on the adherence meter. Allow us to start.

Schedule alarms

You can utilize a paper or an advanced schedule to set updates or imprint portions that you require consistently. The paper technique is especially valuable for senior ladies who are not excessively technically knowledgeable. Keep the paper or journal (a superior choice as you could lose a page) close to your bed, on a table, or anyplace you are probably going to invest the greater part of your energy. Assuming you are utilizing a cell, move the schedule application onto your home screen with the goal that you can get a psychological prod to take as much time as necessary you open your telephone screen. Make sure to stamp the portion by portion subtleties consistently.

mHealth applications

You can download a female wellbeing application to follow your prescription. It is a helpful medicine update device for any individual who conveys a cell phone. Search for the accompanying highlights while picking a drug update application for ladies.

· It permits you to record the total rundown of every one of your meds.

· Medicine top off updates

· Number of missed days and recurrence of missing dosages

· Simple admittance to data about your medication on the web.

· An individual notes gadget

· Obvious prompts remembered for prescription updates

· An easy to use interface

Allow day to day errands to be your drug updates

Everyday exercises incorporate cleaning your teeth, drinking water and eating at various spans, cleaning, providing care, driving, and finishing office assignments. You can choose a couple and begin taking your medication portions previously or after these exercises. Here, you likewise need to consider your primary care physician’s directions on when and how to take meds. For instance, you should not accept medication before breakfast in the event that it ought to be taken subsequent to eating something.

Guarantee perceivability

Try not to hide your prescriptions in drawers or almirahs. Keep them in simple to-see puts so perceivability fills in as a visual update for you. Assuming that you really want to store your medications in a cooler, put tacky notes as updates on its entryway. Getting meds far from little children and pets is a main pressing issue. Utilize a pillbox with a lock and clock to settle this issue. It is an advantageous method for getting sorted out your pills and nutraceuticals in one spot. Other than security and association, these are a viable instrument to help you assuming you take numerous meds everyday at various times. Pillboxes are compact and effortlessly fit into satchels or satchels. Nonetheless, don’t share pillboxes or some other medication stockpiling pocket or compartment. It can create turmoil and mix-ups that can life-undermine.

Shun leaving your medication enclose a hot climate; for instance, your vehicle or a medication bureau in a hot restroom. Room temperature keeps up with the steadiness of most meds. On the other hand, outrageous temperatures make them lose their strength, liquefy or disintegrate. Be additional careful about stockpiling assuming that you take very habit-forming or propensity shaping prescriptions, for example, narcotics.

Ask and offer assistance to loved ones

In numerous families, more than one part takes prescriptions. You can make a group and remind each other to take portions. On the off chance that you live alone, ask your relative or a companion to message you or give a missed call as a drug update. You can likewise adhere notes to help each other take meds on time. To help an old relative, compose clearly (utilize greater textual style) on these chits.

The data ought to incorporate the name of the medication, portions, and when and how to take it. Put these some place they can see and allude to without any problem. Matured patients or those overseeing ongoing circumstances might find taking the drug routinely lumbering and tiring. Consider getting somewhat innovative with prescription update tacky notes and incorporate persuasive statements or little notes showing affection and care. You can likewise think about calling your friends and family to remind them regarding taking prescriptions.

Request a worked taking drugs routine

You can request that your PCP work on your medication plan. For instance, assuming you really want to take medications two times per day, your medical care supplier might perhaps track down a comparative appropriate medication that should be taken just once day to day. Assuming you find it hard to keep portions separated (which forestalls drug cooperations), address your PCP. They could possibly endorse drugs that don’t cause a collaboration. To restrict different portions, your primary care physician or drug specialist can likewise recommend meds you can securely take all the while. Assuming you imagine that the planning of medicine is difficult to stay aware of as a result of your daily practice, attempt to deal with your day better. There are not really any errands that ought to issue more than your wellbeing and prosperity. Request that your primary care physician recommend a medicine routine that is not difficult to coordinate into your everyday timetable.

Update the rundown of your drug names, assets, portions, and tops off

Assuming you take prescriptions for at least two medical problems, make a rundown of all your drug particulars. You can make this rundown on paper or on the web. Add data including strength, portions, and month to month prerequisite of each medication, as endorsed by your PCP. This rundown can prove to be useful when you really want to check out the medication plan and the amount left. In addition, it is a very valuable snippet of data your PCP can allude to during a crisis circumstance. Guarantee referencing when did your therapy start and the timetable of every medicine. It incorporates doctor prescribed prescriptions, OTC medications, multivitamins, protein enhancements, and home grown nutraceuticals as well.

Medication adherence requires some work, yet your wellbeing merits every last bit of it and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.